“You are unique in a very special way; endowed with super qualities that no other person executes the way you do. I want you to be believe these words because this is the first step to cashing your passion.”
-Lynda Omerekpe, Cash Your Passion.


Lynda, living then on the 16th floor of a 22-storey building in London, had an epiphany on the the elevator one day after work –The image that looked back at me was a different person from who I wanted to be...’ She would go on to ask herself the important questions everyone with an aspiration ought to ask themselves often.


In this book, the writer talks about her need to live more than what she calls an “okay” lifeher aspiration to an amazing life. She dishes out practical, often overlooked steps to achieving success as an entrepreneur.


Here are Six lessons we learnt from this book:


1. The Power of Mindful Thinking

“You will never move from who you are now to become an entrepreneur or business mogul if you don’t start seeing yourself as one”

-Lynda Omerekpe, Cash Your Passion

The books teaches about identifying our goals and vocalizing them; the very first steps to turning our passions into profit. If you cannot dream it, you cannot live it!


2. The Wow-factor formula

From finding your assets, to determining how these assets are perceived by the public, to gaining exposure, and the often overlooked call-to-action; this book provides useful questionnaires for entrepreneurs who wish to find and stay consistent to their wow-factor formula.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What perception will a new person I encounter have of who I am and what I do?
  • What perception do I wish every new person I encounter to have of who I am, what I do, and what I have?
  • What assets best convey the perception I wish to create?
  • What creative ways can I come up with to harness the power of these assets to create the perception I desire?

-Lynda Omerekpe, Cash Your Passion


3. On Creating and Locating the Vacuum your Product is to Fill.

“There are many people who need what you can offer but they don’t know they need it until you open their eyes to see the need for it”

-Lynda Omerekpe, Cash Your Passion

We learnt helpful tips on how to create the need for your products and services and making your target audience see the need for them. The writer tells the story of a client who loved to bake cookies with oats to increase the supply of breast milk for her baby, and how she was able to turn this simple hobby into a business of baking and supplying lactating cookies and other confectionaries to nursing mothers who had previously thought there was no big deal in breast milk not being enough for their babies. She created the vacuum they never knew they had and used her product to fill the vacuum.


4. Sometimes, Your Passion Could Also Be found In Employment

“I used to be a customer service executive and my job description was clearly stated but I deviated. I started designing process flows to make the work seamless for myself and my imaginary predecessors (I was the newest staff in that department, but I was already thinking about how to help the next person who will come after me). 13 months later, the process flow became relevant in the organization.”

-Lynda Omerekpe, Cash Your Passion

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, and that, too, is okay. The most important thing is that we do what we love, and make money from it. We learnt useful tips- in whatever part we choose- on creating vision boards, carefully investing in building our passion and sacrificing time.


5. Entrepreneurphobia and How to Overcome it.

“I once spoke to a client who told me their passion had already been taken by other people and it seems there’s no need to pursue that part since the market is already saturated. And I asked, “how many new hatched eggs say the sky is already full with too many birds, so I’ll rather remain on the ground instead of spreading my wings to fly?”

-Lynda Omerekpe, Cash Your Passion

The writer gives us helpful tips on how to stop making excuses and overcome entrepreneurphobia; identifying, confronting and eliminating fears. For every excuse that could be given for shying away from entrepreneurship, the writer has an answer that would send you right back to working to cash your passion!


6. Be Intentional. Test Your Products. Be Patient. Make New Friends. Persist!


Cash Your Passion is a pamphlet-size book that you should keep with you(and gift all your friends who have a passion) and carry with you on the go. We really wished the author wrote more about her personal life – What was it like leaving her job in UK? What exactly is she doing now – little details to give readers more inspiration. Nonetheless, we recommend it to everyone who has a passion, and is ready to turn that passion to profit!



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